It all started with a little dream...

Ever since I could remember, I have always had a passion for handmade. When I was younger I dreamed of designing clothing one day, however I took a more "traditional" career path and entered the corporate world. After spending many years as a marketing manager for a busy retail chain, I began feeling guilty of missing so much time with my children.

This is when I decided it was time to leave the corporate world behind and give my dream the fighting chance it needed to succeed. For the next few months, I focused on perfecting my skills in creating the highest quality unique clothing items and perfected each element of the design process. I starting drawing up many original designs inspired by my children, my love of fairytales, fantasy, sci-fi and my passion for all things sparkly! Soon all of the late nights and early mornings paid off and Glitter Ever After was born.

Since our shop opening on August 17, 2013 our work space has moved from a very small corner in my bedroom, to a 1200+sqft office. We have upgraded our equipment, introduced 600+ original designs, shipped out over 30,000+ orders and maintained 5 star customer reviews.

We have also brought on an amazing and talented "Glitter Team" who are truly passionate about handmade and it shows in every piece they design. My husband, Carlos, has also been able to leave his 9-5 job behind and joined our team full time, so now we are both able to spend more time with our three little ones. Lily is 9 years old and has been the main inspiration for many of the designs you see in our shop. She loves helping mommy with new ideas and modeling some of our sparkly creations. Levi is 7 years old, he is our free spirited wild child and continues to amaze me each day with his kindness. Luca is our youngest at 5 years old, he loves to "help" in our office, which usually involves making a mess or two :)

These past 6 years have been an exhausting yet exciting journey and I am so grateful to have such wonderful "Glitter Supporters" who show so much love and support with the release of every new design. Thank you so much for shopping handmade and supporting our small family owned shop, we truly appreciate it!

Nikki Valencia
Owner & Illustrator